Uwe Lorenzen Consulting


Accor NA
The consultant has excellent skills in C programming and Unix. His work has always met or exceeded our requirements. His programs are still in use. We have rarely encountered problems with them and when we did he has always been very helpful in resolving the problems. I highly recommend him to any company that needs to get a complex programming job done.
Steve Rector, VP Software Development, Accor North America, October 2004

Mr. Lorenzen fit very well in the development team and quickly gained the respect of the other team members. He enjoys travelling and doesn't mind working out of the office on occasion. If necessary, Mr. Lorenzen will work through the night to meet a deadline. In general, he accomplishes as much in a 9-hour day than other programmers do in a 12-hour day.
Without a doubt, Uwe Lorenzen is one of the people who plays a major factor in Fidelio's success. Mr. Lorenzen's work accounts for a critical building block in the market-leading Fidelio suite of hotel products.
Keith Gruen, CTO Fidelio Software, March 1996

Der Consultant hat sich zügig in Java und eine anspruchsvolle Anwendung eingearbeitet. Seine Zusammenarbeit mit unserem jungen Entwicklungsteam war sehr gut. Die an ihn herangetragenen Aufgaben hat er fristgerecht und zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit ausgeführt.
Rüdiger Buck-Emden, Vice President SAP AG, April 2002

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