Uwe Lorenzen Consulting


Systems Interfaces

Any hotel property management system (PMS) has to interface to various other systems in the hotel (telephone, in room video, point of sale and others). The market penetration and success of any PMS system also depends on the range and quality of their interface services.

For seven years I programmed systems interfaces for Fidelio. During this time the company was growing to become one of the leading PMS vendors worldwide. I travelled all over the world to do initial installations, to resolve problems and to train installers. According to the former CTO of Fidelio, I have been one of the people who played a major factor in Fidelio's success.

My first client after working for Fidelio has been Red Roof Inns. They contracted me to port the Fidelio interface program to Unix. I am still maintaining and troubleshooting this program occasionally.

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